Oz Media Launches Green Living Insider


WEST LAWN, PA (June 3, 2023)Oz Media, a family-owned, Pennsylvania-based digital media company, proudly announces the official launch of its latest expert blog, Green Living Insider.

Green Living Insider emerges as an authoritative online resource promoting sustainable living, renewable energy, and eco-friendly practices. The blog delivers practical information on various topics, including solar energy solutions, energy efficiency, recycling, and waste reduction, complemented by product reviews and roundups.

Green Living Insider believes small steps can significantly protect our planet and foster a more sustainable future. By demystifying complex topics, the platform empowers readers to make informed decisions and take meaningful strides toward a greener lifestyle.

Ed Oswald, the owner of Oz Media, extends their environmental commitment through this fresh initiative. “We’ve long concentrated on weather and climate at The Weather Station Experts,” says Oswald. “Green Living Insider naturally extends the content our readers expect from us. With climate change a pressing reality and a growing public interest in diminishing our environmental footprint, we’re thrilled to join the chorus advocating for change.”

The debut of Green Living Insider bolsters Oz Media’s overarching mission to provide in-depth, reliable information on pivotal societal issues. The company’s sister sites, The Weather Station Experts and The Smart Home Spot mirror this dedication, each aiming to equip readers to lead smarter, greener lives.

As an integral part of the Oz Media family, the new blog will perpetuate its ethos of delivering precise and expert-backed information to readers, regardless of their global location.

Discover Green Living Insider and join the community at https://greenlivinginsider.com.

Oz Media Properties Experience Over 40% YoY Revenue Growth

Global media companies are grappling with rising interest rates, inflation, and a sharp downturn in consumer discretionary spending. Adverse impacts on revenues are particularly pronounced in the weakened advertising market, where Oz Media properties experienced a nearly 50% YoY decline through May.

Nonetheless, the past year witnessed strategic moves by the company to diversify its revenue streams. The Weather Station Experts now offers customized recommendations for the UK/EU, Canada, and Australia – its three largest markets. In early 2023, the website launched Spanish, French, German, and Italian versions, with a Brazilian Portuguese version scheduled for a summer release.

“With the inclusion of Portuguese, The Weather Station Experts will be accessible in all major languages of North and South America,” notes Oswald.

The company launched “choice pages” late last year, allowing readers to select between various retailers that carry the products Oz Media properties recommend. With less discretionary spending money, consumers prioritize price and value more than ever, and early data suggests that this feature has increased conversions by 20-30%.

Further efforts to boost The Weather Station Experts involved site speed optimization, yielding a 25% surge in organic search traffic. As a result, revenues soared by 44% through the end of May, a noteworthy accomplishment in the current challenging economic climate.

About Oz Media

Oz Media is a family-owned copywriting and digital media company based in West Lawn, Pennsylvania. They are dedicated to providing comprehensive, accurate, and practical information across various specialist websites, including Green Living Insider, The Weather Station Experts, and The Smart Home Spot. Oz Media believes in the power of knowledge, striving to empower its readers to live smarter, greener lives.

For further information, please contact Ed Oswald at [email protected].