Oz Media Sites Kick off Holiday Season with Liveblog


WEST LAWN, PA (November 21, 2023)Oz Media, a family-owned, Pennsylvania-based digital media company, announces the official launch of its Holiday Gift Guide Liveblog on The Weather Station Experts. Soft launched on Thursday, the liveblog will also include content and deals from fellow Oz Media sites The Smart Home Spot and Green Living Insider.

The liveblog is located at https://theweatherstationexperts.com/gift-guide, and will also be simulcast through Monday, November 27 on the front pages of https://thesmarthomespot.com and https://greenlivinginsider.com. The live blog on TWSE runs through December 17, traditionally the last day retailers guarantee standard shipping by Christmas.

TWSE will focus on weather station and air purifier deals, while TSHS will offer the latest smart home, dash cam, and radar detector deals. Finally, Green Living Insider will focus on solar energy. In stark contrast to last year, there are many more deals with substantial discounts, so 95% of deals shared during the Pre-Black Friday, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday sales will offer discounts of at least 30%, with more than half over 40%.

“This holiday season is proving to be challenging not only for the consumer but also for manufacturers and outlets like ours,” Oz Media owner Ed Oswald said. “The data is clear. Consumers are pulling back, and spending less. The challenge in the coming months is to figure out what they value most, and keep them coming back, as they may not make their decision on the first visit.”

Oz Media recently reworked its ratings formula to reflect these changes. Data, including Oz Media’s data from a survey conducted in September, showed that price is not the sole determining factor in many purchases. Instead, consumers are much more deliberative about their choices, and with less disposable income, they are much less likely to make an impulse decision.

Looking Ahead

Oz Media sites throughout 2024 will focus on features and functionality that give readers reasons to return, including Answers, a new feature in beta that aims to answer questions on weather in a Quora-like format. Newsletters for TSHS and Green Living Insider will launch later this year, and browser notifications that first debuted on TWSE will also be introduced to other Oz Media sites as well in 2024.

Oz Media’s flagship site, The Weather Station Experts, will continue to expand its focus beyond weather stations and other home comfort gadgets to diversify its offerings. A renewed focus on The Smart Home Spot towards education will add new explainer articles on a variety of smart home subjects. And finally, Green Living Insider will focus heavily on solar, including how to qualify for federal tax credits available through various COVID relief bills.

And given the current economic climate, Oz Media sites will prioritize value in their recommendations. “We’ve heard our readers, and they’re looking for value,” Oswald said.

About Oz Media

Oz Media is a family-owned copywriting and digital media company based in West Lawn, Pennsylvania. They are dedicated to providing comprehensive, accurate, and practical information across various specialist websites, including Green Living Insider, The Weather Station Experts, and The Smart Home Spot. Oz Media believes in the power of knowledge, striving to empower its readers to live smarter, greener lives.

For further information, please contact Ed Oswald at [email protected].