About Us

Copywriting isn’t something you should outsource. The goal is to sell your business or product, and only an experienced copywriter has the knowledge to craft your message professionally and persuasively. Oz Media’s team of copywriters in Reading can help you do just that, and much closer to home.

Whether you’re a business in the Lehigh Valley or Philadelphia area or right here at home in Reading, our team can assist in your copywriting, graphic design, and web design needs. We love helping local small businesses succeed — especially in a time of such uncertainty.

More About Ed

Ed is a journalist and copywriter with nearly two decades of experience. Ed graduated from Temple University in 2003 with a degree in journalism. His work has appeared on nearly a dozen websites, including Betanews, PCWorld, TechHive, VentureBeat, Digital Trends, Popular Mechanics, and US News & World Report.

Ed has extensive experience in writing for the web and in “natural SEO.” Natural SEO is the technique of writing search engine-friendly copy naturally. With search engines becoming ever smarter in spotting ‘keyword stuffing,’ having a copywriter that can write keyword-rich copy without ‘forcing it’ is critical.

In addition to his writing experience, Ed is well-versed in WordPress, using tools such as SEMRush and Adobe Photoshop, as well as coding and CSS experience. He is also a trusted expert on weather stations and runs The Weather Station Experts, a weather station and gadget reviews blog.