What are your rates?

It’s a common question we hear from prospective clients. While we are publishing them here as a guide, please keep in mind that the needs of your project may be different. Factors that affect rates include:

  • Requested turnaround
  • Subject matter
  • Research and pre-writing work
  • Writing complexity and length

That’s quite a few variables to factor in, and why we don’t have fixed rates for our work. But here’s our best estimates for the most common projects we do:


  • New – $65 – $225 per post
  • Rewrites – $35 – $125 per post

Scientific/Technical Writing

  • $500 minimum, but varies considerably

White/Research Papers

  • $1,500-$3,000+ (low rates do not include any formatting, which I do not recommend.)

Website Copywriting

  • Generally $125-$250 per page


  • $35-45/hour depending on type of content

Press Releases

  • $65 – $225 per release
  • For distribution and representation rates, please contact us.
  • Boilerplate writing is a flat $70 one-time fee

General Copywriting

  • Rates vary considerably, please email with project specifics.

Content Consulting

  • $45/hour separately, can be included with project prices.

… if you don’t see a rate for the copy you need here, e-mail to discuss your project further!