Oz Media Websites Surpass 50,000 Monthly Pageviews for the First Time

A focus on leveraging Oz Media’s preexisting and growing topical authority in music and weather delivers impressive results

WEST LAWN, PA (May 2, 2022) – Oz Media, a family-owned and Pennsylvania-based digital media company, announced that its websites surpassed the 50,000 monthly pageview threshold for the first time in April, posting nearly 360% month-over-month growth and starting the second quarter of 2022 with increased visibility across its entire website portfolio.

The growth comes at an opportune time for the company. Amazon’s Prime Day, traditionally the second busiest period for affiliate networking sites behind Black Friday/Cyber Monday, occurs this summer. An expected busy concert season also offers further opportunities for Oz Media to focus on its strengths and build on its newfound success throughout 2022.

April at a Glance

Final data from Ezoic, Oz Media’s ad partner, indicate that Oz Media websites served 78,880 page views during the month of April, nearly quadrupling the previous record month of January following the busy holiday shopping season.

Oz Media reached this milestone in large part due to the success of its music site Altwire, which saw record-breaking traffic during the last week of April. Much of the success was thanks to Altwire’s prominent placement in Google News results for several high-interest stories. Altwire recorded nearly 59,000 pageviews during the month, the best in site history — going back over a decade.

In addition to this growth, The Weather Station Experts launched two new market-specific weather station recommendations for the Canadian and UK markets, and also served over 19,000 pageviews, also the busiest month since the site launched in February 2021.


Founded by Derek Oswald, Altwire joined the Oz Media network in December 2021 with a renewed focus on music and modern lifestyle news that matters to the key 25-54 demographic. With nearly a decade of content and high domain authority, Altwire was well-positioned to take advantage of its participation in Google News.

The music site’s best week also coincided with breaking news with potential broad interest. Three of the site’s top-performing stories of 2022 were from this week.

Altwire also saw increased interest across its expansive content library and increased engagement and user retention, setting the site up for future success.

As the COVID-19 pandemic relaxes and concerts return to arenas throughout 2022, Altwire founder and editor in chief Derek Oswald says that the site once again plans to trek to shows around the country to document what’s expected to be the best concert year in decades, and in true Altwire style, from the perspective of true music fans, not professional (and often jaded) reviewers.

“Our success couldn’t have come at a better time,” Derek says.

The Weather Station Experts

The Weather Station Experts also saw solid month-over-month growth during April, following a mobile-focused redesign of the site in mid-March and a renewed focus on weather stations and gadgets, its “bread and butter.”

In acknowledgment of TWSE’s growing international exposure, two new market-specific weather station recommendation pages have been launched for Canada and the UK markets, with plans to launch an Australian version this summer.

“We want to make sure that our international users are as well served as our users here in the States,” Ed said of the move. Further efforts will be made throughout 2022 to cater to domestic and international audiences, including a Spanish version of its entire website later this year.

The Weather Spot

Also in April, Oz Media launched The Weather Spot, the new home for popular top ten lists and educational content, which previously accompanied TWSE’s weather gadget recommendation content. As TWSE refocuses on its core offerings, The Weather Spot

A new focus for The Weather Spot that TWSE didn’t have is the field of space weather, which will become increasingly relevant as Solar Cycle 25 peaks in 2022.

“With so much more technology in space these days, solar storms can be much more disruptive to our daily lives in ways they haven’t been before. We hope to demystify — and in some cases de-hype — space weather phenomena,” Ed said.

Oz Media’s websites are well-positioned for growth throughout 2022, with a focus on increasing user engagement and retention through a variety of new features and promotions to be announced throughout the year.

Contact Info

For more information on partnerships, contact:

Altwire: Derek Oswald – [email protected]

The Weather Spot/The Weather Station Experts: Ed Oswald – [email protected]